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Important Dates and Ways to Support Friendswood High School's Wranglerettes

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The talented Wranglerettes drill team of the West Ranch community’s high school is back for another amazing year of teamwork, long practices, and most importantly, dance! 

As the “Pride and Joy of Friendswood High School,” the members of the Wranglerettes have extended their passion for dance into other aspects like community service and academics. Many team members are involved in various academic organizations such as the National Honor Society, Student Council, and more. Different community service organizations that the Wranglerettes serve in include Special Olympics, Animal shelters, and much more. These ladies are a triple threat with brains, talent, and a heart for service, which makes it so much more fun to watch their performances! This makes the community of West Ranch very proud to have students attend Friendswood High School.

Now that the community has recognized the dedication and discipline that the Wranglerettes have, there are some important dates to show even more support for Friendswood High School’s drill team – 
September 7, 2019

  • Fall Dance Clinic

September 13, 2019

  • Pregame Dinner 
  • Bob & Sue Performance at Halftime

December 11, 2019

  • Fall Demo

December 12, 2019

  • Wranglerette Tryouts

January 25, 2020

  • January Jubilee

The members of this drill team put their heart and soul into choreographing performances they know the audience will enjoy, but also displays their passions and techniques. As dancers, it is important to know that the dance piece reflects the right message. As performers, the audience comes first. Though the line between these two factors is difficult to balance, the Wranglerettes have done an amazing job. This drill team is a great way for students to train themselves in discipline, physical education, and art that can translate in many other parts of their lives. 

If joining the team or attending the shows are not possible, please consider sponsorships. Sponsorships will allow the Principals, Mrs. Goza and Mrs. Kennedy, and the Wranglerettes to continue and improve the team without financial obstacles. Please visit the website to see how to become a sponsor. 

SOURCE: Friendswood Wranglerettes website