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Friendswood Junior High Cheerleaders Learn to Become Leaders

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Friendswood Junior High cheer sponsor, Stephanie Meyers, noticed a trend of being unkind within the cheer team, and she was determined to put an end to it. Meyers’ idea to stop this trend fully focused on the golden rule of being kind and empowering the West Ranch cheerleaders who attend this school to become leaders. 

Meyers experienced girls within the team “struggle with kindness” in her first year as a sponsor and knew how detrimental that would be for their futures. Meyers then gathered many women in leadership in the community together to determine when they would each speak to this group of young eighth-grade girls to explain the importance of supporting one another and staying kind and gracious in all of their interactions. Meyers explains that she “wants to foster leadership with acceptance. It’s okay to be really great at what you do and to build up others at the same time. It builds up all of us.”

Angela Kitchel was a Friendswood High School cheerleader during her high school years and is now a parent of a Friendswood High School cheerleader. Kitchel discussed ways for the girls to be leaders on their campuses and in their communities while emphasizing the importance of being “friendly with everyone.”

The positive start of this experience has already impacted many girls within Friendswood Junior High’s cheer team. This provides them with insight and advice from strong women in the community who they know have their best interest in mind. Positivity is key for success. Thank you, Stephanie Meyers!

SOURCE: Friendswood ISD