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FHS’s Spanish Seminar Students Spread their Love for the Language

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Learning a new language has many benefits like being a better communicator, improving memory and becoming a better multitasker. Select Friendswood High School’s Spanish Seminar Students have begun to teach Bales Intermediate’s Spanish Club students basic Spanish! This experience will have an incredible impact on Bales’ Spanish Club, FHS’s Spanish Seminar and all the instructors involved. 

FHS seniors need to have passed their SP Spanish Language and Culture Exam or “scored mid-to-advanced range on the ACT Foreign Language exam” to participate in Spanish Seminar. Students are expected to develop lesson plans with new ideas and teach in a way that would be easy for Bales’ students to understand. D'Ann Hervada, the seminar's instructor, expressed that the goal for Spanish Seminar is “to spread the passion that the seniors have for the Spanish language and culture to the younger students, and that they will develop a love and appreciation for the Spanish language, culture and people.”  

SOURCE: Friendswood ISD